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Updated on October 10, 2009

As a cymbidium orchid enthusiast, I want to share this site with all cymbidium hobbyists who are interested in different varieties of cymbidium hybrids, especially those that have successfully been grown and produced flowers.

This site displays photos as well as information regarding various cymbidium grexes (registered and non-registered). For questions or comments, please email me at fflchim@yahoo.com.

My Creation

Memoria Thuy-Hong Bui 'Ashley Bui'
B/CSA 2009
HCC/AOS 2009
Grand Champion, Las Vegas Show 2009
Fred Stewart Trophy/CSA 2009



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Updated on October 4, 2009

Welcome to my Photo Albums! Please select an album from the link below to view my photos. Enjoy your stay!

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